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Meet Maria

Footwear Designer turned embroidered and life long illustrator, Maria is the face behind all things URGHH. A little Irish and a little Scottish, she currenly live in Leicester with her partner Chris and their sassy little rescue cat Ellie Moo.

"The first card I ever made was when I was 5 years old. It ended in tears because I made it back to front ... but I didn't let that stop me! Mum helped me cut and cellotape it, and Dad hand delvered it to the boy I had a crush on, I hope he liked big red felt tip hearts..."

URGHH is all about creative comedy and off-beat designs that are frame worthy and memorable. Known for their 'Pointless Baby Cards' and an impressive collection of cards inspired by The Office, they're a must for niche pop culture designs.

"I love the idea that people opening my cards will (hopefully) have a massive smile on their face and a good laugh. It may just be a folded piece of card to some, but to others, its the chance to show that you listen, love and ultimately get your person!"

Maria creates and prints everything locally in small batches to give customers an eco friendly service without compromising on quality.

"My mission will always be to create more than just a product. The more URGHH grows, the more trees we grow, the more we work together to support each other in making the world a little less urghhhhhh..."

Even Meredith Palmer loves URGHH Cards!