Every Order Plants a Tree

Did you know that here at URGHH, we've funded the planting of over 500 trees since June 2021!

We've proudly teamed up with Ecologi on their mission to reduce 50% of global CO2 emissions by 2040 and responsibly plant billions of trees every year!

We are so proud to be part of a platform for real climate action!

If you want to make even more of an impact (and have a little fun too) you can plant ‘sparkly trees’ in our company forest and in turn you get 30 of your own trees, allowing us to be more climate positive than we could ever dream of. 

As well as our contribution per employee, we plant a tree for every order we recieve here at URGHH Card Co. - How amazing is that?


Thank you so much for your support, here’s to even more impact in 2022!


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